Park Yoochun Charged With Solicitation Of Prostitution; C-JeS Responds

Park Yoochun Charged With Solicitation Of Prostitution; C-JeS Responds

Park Yoochun Charged With Solicitation Of Prostitution; C-JeS Respondskokoberry July 14, 2016 0 Park Yoochun Charged With Solicitation Of Prostitution; C-JeS Responds On July 15, Gangnam Police Station printed that they officially forwarded their findings to the prosecution about Park Yoochun being no longerresponsible of sexual attackbecause ofsubject in proving the use of force.

However, the police declared that the nature and code of habits of the sexual acts between Park Yoochun and the primaryparticular person who pressed fees against him (hereafter known as A) to be solicitation of prostitution. Furthermore, since Park Yoochun had promised to pay A earlier than having sex and failed to pay, he has also been charged with fraud.

The police were readyto discover evidence of this thru restored text messages on As mobile phone. Following their sexual encounter, A had messaged a chum some being promised cash for sex with Park Yoochun.

Thus, the police sent their advice of indictment to the prosecution with rates of solicitation of prostitution and fraud for Park Yoochun. Likewise, A has been suggested for prostitution charges.

Furthermore, the police have also forwarded their findings about the 2d one individual (hereafter referred to as B) who pressed charges opposed to Park Yoochun. The police declared that Bs claims are false.

However, the 3rd and fourth people were no longer charged with false accusation. The police said that it isn't valid to claim them guilty of false accusation just for the explanation that purpose of force was oncetricky to prove.

In regards to Park Yoochun urgent charges of false accusation and blackmail against A, As boyfriend, and As cousin; the police have recognized that the 3persons are guilty of blackmail. The police have stated that they are going to accept a supplementary investigation in regards to the charges of blackmail and ahead their findings after doing so. They also showed that the DNA at thelingerie A submitted proved to be a fit for Park Yoochun.

Park Yoochuns agency, C-JeS Entertainment, spoke back to reports of him being charged with solicitation of prostitution and stated, We can'trecognize the polices recommendation of indictment for charges of solicitation of prositituion as it's milesutterlyother from the truth. We once backobviously state that there is not anyfact to Park Yoochun soliciting prostitution. We can cooperate with the prosecutions investigation in order that evidence of his innocence can be proven.

Previously, Park Yoochun became accused of sexual assault through4 individuals. He then sued the 1st two participants for false accusation and other charges.

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