“Running Man” Celebrates Lee Kwang Soo’s Birthday

“Running Man” Celebrates Lee Kwang Soo’s Birthday

Running Guy Celebrates Lee Kwang Soos Birthdayehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Running Man Celebrates Lee Kwang Soos Birthday SBS kinddisplay Running Man offers a birthday shout out to solid member Lee Kwang Soo on his birthday.

On July 14, the prove posted to its legitimate Instagram a photo of Lee Kwang Soo cheesing whilst holding his birthday cake up opposed to his face. It looks as if the photo was once taken literally in the midst of shooting as Lee Kwang Soo is soaking wet in sweat. Kwang Soo, glad birthday, the caption reads.

When no longer filming for Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo is shooting his newest project, Entourage Korea, a drama in accordance with HBO tv series Entourage.

You can catch Lee Kwang Soo in the maximum recent episode of Running Man on Viki below!

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