Bobby Kim saw a UFO?

On a recent episode of KBS2‘s ‘Win Win‘, singer Bobby Kim caused viewers to laugh at his unique ’4-dimensional’ character

Bobby Kim saw a UFO?

On a recent episode of 2‘s ‘Win Win‘, singer Bobby Kim caused viewers to laugh at his unique ’4-dimensional’ character.

Bobby Kim appeared as a surprise guest for Eun Ji Won, and shared that the two are avid believers of UFOs and aliens.

With a serious look on his face, Bobby Kim shared his encounter with a UFO. “Not too long ago, I saw a UFO. I’ll show you guys a photo,” and went to call for his manager.

His manager quickly came rushing back with the singer’s phone and shared the photo with the MCs. “The photo was taken right outside my house and it’s obviously not the sun nor an airplane. An orange object was slowly passing by and as soon as I saw it, I suddenly had the feeling [that it was a UFO],” he firmly said.

After seeing the photo, the MCs could not help but to laugh at his assertion and at his evidence. Close Eun Ji Won commented, “Even if you did see it, you should pretend as if you didn’t see it. Aliens don’t like their identity being revealed so whoever reveals it, they’ll kidnap the person and erase their memory,” causing viewers to burst into laughter.

With a stern look on his face, Bobby Kim replied back, “I don’t like ghost stories so don’t even start.”

What do you think? Do you believe that this orange blur is a UFO?

Source & Image: Nate

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