Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 3

Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 3

Uncontrollably Fond(Photo : hancinema) "Uncontrollably Fond"'s penchant for bookending episodes with dilemma's in the character's provide is already a repetitive plot tool. It is tryingto attract parallels between beyond and present, and paintingsthe tale in a non linear fashion, yetthose efforts come off as heavy-handed. The glimpse into the past is welcome, but Joon-yeong's motivations are tough to apply and make the past a messy position to be.

The first two episodes indicated that Joon-yeong sought after some form of revenge on No  Eul. Thereafter, he started to really like her to the point of following her, looking ahead to her, dropping tears on her behalf. Possiblyit's because Suzy and Kim Woo-bin have lukewarm chemistry that I do nottrust his weigh down on her, or perhaps its inconsistent persona writing. In any case, Joon-yeong chases No  Eul around like an useless2d lead. The woes that surround No  Eul must brand me pity her. Instead, I think annoyance at the reality that the episode showed her in the health centertwo times and pressuredthrough loan sharks. It's melodrama overload. I know that Creator Lee loves her dramatics, but it is just episode 3!

AdvertisementAlso, involving Joon-yeong's manager and No  Eul's friend in the episode used to bemost effective to push Joon-yeong in opposition to No  Eul. They served no other purpose. Facet characters used as gear feels clunky. The inclusion of the moment one leads has also been strange. Ji-tae is a Daddy Longlegs of varieties because he knows of his father's wrong doings, assists in keeping quiet, and seesk to give coverage to No  Eul instead ofproviding justice. Yoo Jeong-eun (Lim Joo-eun) has slightly been presented every bit merelyturns out to be a character barely come to life.

My favouritecourting has been one little scene: that between No  Eul and her brother No Jik (Lee Seo-won) lean on each and every other in their parentless house and their monetary difficulties. In only some scenes their sibling relationship has turn out to be a tangible thing. I also like that Assemblyman Choi does not run into No  Eul as a threat, and for that I'm hoping she proves him wrong with her unflagging efforts. Choi would possibly not exist her closing enemy. Jeong-eun's father, Yoon Seong-ho (Jeong Dong-hwan), is the guy amongstadequatecashand gearto govern Choi.

A key point in the episode appears to be Joon-yeong's prayer to save No  Eul's lifestyles at the pricetag of his own. I see this getting into play in the future. For now I canglance into the close tolong run and hope that tomorrow's episode will no longer berather so frustrating.