Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Income And Long run Goals

Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Income And Long run Goals

Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Profits And Long runDreams soojji July 13, 2016 0 Rapper Dok2 Exhibits Staggering Earnings And Future Goals The July thirteen episode of MBCs Radio Superstarcapabilities rapper Dok2, actor Kim Bo Sung, former U-KISS member Dongho, and style Joo Woo Jae for the displays My Life, Turn~Up! special.

On the show, Dok2 says that he does no longerbring to mind himself as a celebrity, yet rather as a rapstar. He also stocks his future goals and activities.

Dok2 talks about his supercar collection, which has at all timesbrought about conversation. MC Yoon Jong Shin comments, While you think Dok2, you can not leave out cars. He these dayspurchased two six-figure cars. The rapper reveals that he sold himself two automobiles (one that starts with a B and the alternative a F) as a birthday provide for himself. Either cars are value more than 800 million won (approximately $702,000). Dok2 comments that he heard he used to bein a position to straight awaypurchase cars that prime actors such as Jang Dong Gun and Kang Dong Won would need to wait 3 years to buy.

The rapper reveals that his objective this year is to make five billion won (approximately $4.4 million). MC Kim Gook Jin states, Dok2s salary doubles each year. In 2013, he made 500 million won (approximately $438,700), in 2014 he made 1 billion won (approximately $878,000), and in 2015 he made 2 billion won (approximately $1.8 million). This year your intention is 5 billion won? Dok2 comments, Usuallytake benefit of songs are calculated later in the year. It's miles my objective to make 5 billion won through December or January.

MC Kyuhyun adds, The explanation why Dok2 uses such a lotcash is so he does no longer get lazy at making songs. He has produced 320 songs inside of 10 years after his debut. Dok2 comments, I have numerous unofficial songs too. The 320 songs are the songs that experience been released.

Watch a clip of Dok2s functionality on Radio Star below:

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