Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual AttackFees notclaira July 13, 2016 0 Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Assault Charges Actor Lee Min Ki used to becurrently accused and acquitted of sexual assault charges.

On July 14, a source from Lee Min Ki’s firmsaid that the actor have beenkeen on a sexual assault scandal yet after careful investigation by way of the police he become declared innocent.

There were rumors in the entertainment industry that Lee Min Ki had long past to a club in Busan on February 27 and met the lady “A.” On February 29, “A” filed a claim of sexual harassment.

His agency explained that even if Lee Min Ki did pass to the club, he was no longerconcerned in the harassment case. “The girl filed the charges mistakenly. She has since redacted her observation and we have gotgained an apology from her. One daywe are hoping that such misunderstandings will no longer happen.”

Lee Min Ki has been serving in the army as a public provideremployee since 2014. He is decided to be discharged this August.

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