Mnet “Boys24” contestant leaves deficient  flavor in viewers’ mouth after poor attitude

Mnet “Boys24” contestant leaves deficient flavor in viewers’ mouth after poor attitude

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Audience of Mnets boy crewpageant show Boys24 have expressed their disappointment amongst one specific trainee because of his alleged deficient attitude.

After a contemporary airing of the truthcontention show, viewers printed their distaste for contestant Sungho, leader of the Red Unit. In one special segment throughout the gadgets practice, Sungho was onceobserved directing his community mates. It changed into also noted at the episode that Sungho was specifically harsh on member Won during the practice. Later in a solo interview, he was quoted saying, Dont harbor any needless greed. Yet he already has.

Netizens have criticized Sungho for making an attempt to give off a G-Dragon and Zico vibe. That is, they claim that whilst G-Dragon and Zico, and other equivalentorganization leaders, would possibly criticize their members, they do it with excellent intentions for their individuals to support and now not for egocentric reasons. On the opposite hand, netizens claim that Sungho lacks all the ones skills, and is allegedly doing it to make himself glance good.

Meanwhile, the ganglatelycarried out and covered GDTaeyangs Good Boy among others on the June 9th episode.

image Image: Watch the perspective of your arm (Sungho)

image (1) Image: Won-hyung, wake up (Sungho)

image (2) Image: Do that hyung (Caption)

image (4) Image: Whats not easyis tricky (Sungho)

image (5) Image: Won acting the choreography in front of the others by myself

image (6) Image: Unit Red = Leader replacement?!

image (7) Image: Just take a glance atnot totake into considerationthe rest else

image (8) Image: Dont harbor any lifeless greed

image (9) Image: But he already has harbored greed.

image (10) Image: Hyung, just you attempted and you were given the choreography wrong (Sungho)

image (11) Image: I in reality wont mean you canbreak out with it.

Watch the Red Sets expert Boy functionality on June 9th:

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