Jeong Yu-mi

Jeong Yu-mi "'Train to Busan' a advertisement movie with cash spent properly. No redundant parts"

Jeong Yu-mi acknowledged she was once getting keen on what the target audience reaction would be to "Train to Busan".

Jeong Yu-mi printed her affection with the film when having an interview with Newsen at a caf in Samcheong-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul.

Jeong Yu-mi said, "When speaking somegood fortune of a movie, independence videos have their own stocks of audience and advertisementmotion pictures are produced for majority of other people to watch. I'm going to existon the wholeglad more individuals will come and watch my movie" and "I used to pay attention on acting my role primarily. Did not care about achievement much. Also I assumedit isn't the phase I may do anything about. But, I am curious about the audience reaction about "Train to Busan" this time".

And Jeong Yu-mi revealed her self assurance about the motion picture saying, ""Train to Busan" is a film that spent cash properly. It is a movie without any redundant parts" and "I trust I contributed to the merit".

The blockbuster movie "Train to Busan" is opening soon on July 20th.