Stephanie Is Injury-Free After Automobile Accident

Stephanie Is Injury-Free After Automobile Accident

Stephanie Is Injury-Free After AutomobileTwist of fate JiwonYu July 12, 2016 0 Stephanie Is Injury-Free After Car Accident Whilst it used to beup to now reported that singer Stephanie had gotten into a car accident with a under the impression of alcohol driver, she luckily has no injuries.

On July 12, her firm Mafia List released an authentic statement, saying, Her check-up effectsgot here back normal. She is strongly insisting that she completes the entireoccasions on her agenda herself.

The agency continued, She will be able tocomprehensive what is on her schedule as of now, yetwe could bein a position to cancel all parties and make her leisure if the rest is wrong.

Stephanie let her enthusiasts know that she is finethrough posting a photo on her Instagram, sayin, Im okay! Please dont worry.

A photo posted by 스테파니 (@stephanie_kim) on Jul 12, 2016 at 2:24am PDT

She also commented, I suspect ane made numerousother peopleconcernbecause of the accident yesterday. Im sorry. Im fine~ I canobtainscientificremedy if I wish to and take excellent care of myself! We couldat all times exist careful!!

Meanwhile, it changed into reported the day before this that the vehicle that Stephanie was in was hit by a drunk motive force every bit she was waiting to look on Large Juniors Kiss the Radio. She was sent to the health facilitycorrect after the radio recording.

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