Lee Hi Praises Her Woman Overwhelm Rihanna

Lee Hi Praises Her WomanOverwhelm Rihannaehk38 July 12, 2016 0 Lee Hi Praises Her Girl Crush Rihanna On July 12, artist Lee Hi hosted a Naver V App reside broadcast entitled HI TV.

During the stream, she stocks one of Rihannas songs with her viewers. She finds that she is a Rihanna fan and simplest has praises for her girl crush, One of the crucial reasons I love her is because she dresses so well.

And no longer just clothes, she has numerous attain songs as well, Lee Hi continues. She has those deep eyes that experience a slight green glint to them. Im a big fan.

I envy the complete lot about her, she continues. Whatever she releases becomes a hit. Moreover, I fall in love with her name track, and while youpay attention to the alternative tracks in her album after paying attention to the title track, you fall in love with the other tracks even more, Lee Hi says.

Who else thinks they would sound excellent in a duet together?

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