Photos Added new still for the impending Korean film

Photos Added new still for the impending Korean film "Camping"

Added new still for the approaching Korean film "Camping" (2015)Directed through Kim Joo-manWith Chae Min-seo, ERiCa, Kim Hee-sang, Kim Chang-jo, Lee Yoon-min,...SynopsisHold your breath! Two girls take begun their bloody combat to survive. Seon-yeong, who works as a copywriter, pass on a camping go back and forth amongst her friend Eun-mi and Yeong-sik, a prosecutor, who is in love with her. The crowd meets a mysterious having a look man, Tae-ho, whilst they hike up to their camping flooringat the mountain. Tae-ho, a freakish assassin who grow poppies, wreck their blameless hope to have a perfect time camping. And to make things worse, a set of unknown those who chase down Tae-ho is after them as well. The 2 women, Seon-yeong and Eun-mi are left in the path of mayhem where they have got to fight opposed to the bloody rampage of homicide and sex. Will the two ladies be readyto head back to their customaryday by day life?Release date in Korea : 2016/07/14