Drama Review 'Bring It On, Ghost' Episode 1

Drama Review 'Bring It On, Ghost' Episode 1

Bong-pal (played byTaecyeon) is a faculty student who will pay for his tuition via accepting jobs to combat ghosts. He does now not do so thru magical means, yet rather by punching them, or some variation thereof. Some ghosts are more punchable than others. Hyeon-ji (played byKim So-hyeon-I) falls into the "harder to punch" category. To get started with exactly toying with Bong-pal, Hyeon-ji in the end realizes that Bong-pal is the handiest realgenuine lead she has in unraveling the mystery at the back of her own death.

"Bring It On, Ghost" is to date, basically a comedy. Exceptthe maximum obvious absurdity of its majorpersonality being a guy who gets into fistfights with ghosts, participants of the supporting forgedeach and every get their own special gimmick.Lee Do-yeonfeatures as an older ghost who seems to be Hyeon-ji's only friend. I truly hope she gets more scenes than just the 2 we see here, becauseLee Do-yeonis an overlyjust right actress who meritshigher than the cameos she in most cases gets.

Bong-pal's mentor (or perhaps just a guy that he hangs out with) is Myeong-cheol (played byKim Sang-ho), a luckless Buddhist priest. Here is more superb casting-Kim Sang-hoexcels at these kinds of pathetic roles, and he ispreciselythe kind of Buddhist priest I mightbe expectingto peer in a global where ghosts need to be punched to death. His scenes are fully delightful despite the reality thatthey have gotquite little action.

AdvertisementThen there would possibly be Cheon-sang (played byKang Ki-yeong) and In-rang (played byLee David), multiple idiots who attempt to get excited by the lucrative ghost-hunting marketplace and are predictably terrified out in their minds even although they can notin reality run into ghosts. Their largerreason in the tale is as yet unclear except to the levelthey supply a "normal" contrast. The entire other characters are so very eccentric it isuseful to see how non-spiritual folks view ghost adventures.

I wouldn't describe any of characters in "Bring It On, Ghost" as being spiritual, really, but that is where many of the charm lies. Whilstthoseindividuals are all rather ill-suited to the ghostly life, these are the lemons they are stuck with, so they make the most productive lemonade they can. To this point "Bring It On, Ghost" looks superb in execution- kudos to directorPark Joon-hwa's vision. I will entirely hope the tale volition be as enchanting now that the fundamental introductions are out of the way.