Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo's

Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo's "W", 3 issues to observe out for

Anticipation for the recent MBC drama "W" is mountain climbing equally Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo have finished docking with the viewers.

Three issues to stay an eye out for in the drama werepublishedthrough the production crew.

"W" is a suspense melodrama about a femininephysician named Oh Yeon-joo getting sucked into the web-toon global and assembly Kang Cheol.

- Beyond imagination, shocking

The maximumstunning set-up we can ever see in Korean dramas is in "W". Kang Cheol has the entirety from looks, skills and wealth. That is not all. Kang Cheol isn't even a true character; he is a personality in the web-toon. Author Song Jae-jeong who is understood for his authenticmyth writing skills, has given birth to a complete new character.

- The fellowwithin the web-toon, a rendezvous

The fantasy mind's eye of falling in love with anyoneinternal a web-toon comes to genuine life. Oh Yeon-joo's father has been writing "W" for 7 years and Oh Yeon-joo has been keen on IT especially Kang Cheol. She gets to fulfill her for all time ideal guy when she is sucked into the web-toon. The sensation of being in a position to meet someone you never conceptyou would meet providesa feeling of delight on behalf of people who can't.

- Web-toon becomes real life

The majorcomponent of "W" is that the tale takes position in a web-toon and reality. Illustrations transform realistic and fact becomes illustrations. The genuine and illustrated edition of Kang Cheol used to be released before. Oh Seong-moo's version of the web-toon duvet is as realistic as it gets and anticipates observing real web-toon characters walking out and about in the drama.

Sources say, shocking topics and imaginations will take place in "W" that experience never been attempted before. Director Jeong Dae-yoon and publisher Song Jae-jeong have were giveneach personrunningdifficultand they'reutterlyhooked up amongst the story.

"W" comes at the 20th of July at 10PM.