Shinhwa to make a comeback with 13th album!

Shinhwa to make a comeback with 13th album!

What is this?!Shinhwais making plans a comeback at the finish of the year?..... You read that right!

Last week, news spread thatShinhwa,veteranKPOPgroup, is coming back at the end of this year with their13th album.

Advertisement Contributorswereselling solo projects yetthroughout separate radio interviews, bothEricandHyesungspoke about the group'scomeback and 13th album. This used to be also subsidized up through aShinhwarepresentative.

How exciting is this? This veteranKPOPgroup has been around for18 yearsand still going strong. They display that by running things out, determination and loving what you do, does pay off.

I know I'mtaking a lookahead to their new album AND, hopefully, a global tour. I used to befortunateadequateto look them, last year, atL.A KCON, so I know what a show, they deliver. AMAZING!

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