Best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/4 – 7/10

Best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/4 – 7/10

160710_seoubeats_seventeenVery best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/4 7/10Written by way of Elaine On July 11, 2016Welcome back, readers! This week we are entering intothe 2d one week in July, and music shows are heating up with the go back of lots oflargecall idol teamssimilar to Wonder Girls and Beast. To upload to the fun, this week saw debuts and comebacks from one or more rookie and rather rookie groups, adding NCT 127, Seventeen and parody staff C.I.V.A from the God of Music. This week’s winners showed some appealing variety, with EXID beginning off by taking the trophy for The Show, then passing the primarypositionrole to Sistar on Show Champion and M! Countdown, and sooner or laterfinishing amongst Taeyeon, who won awards for either “Starlight” and “Why” on Music Bank and Inkigayo respectively. There were many wonderful performances this week, and it’s not possibleto incorporate them all, so let me know what I’ve ignored in the comments below!

Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely,” MBC Show! Music Core, July 9, 2016

This comeback has in point of fact opened my eyes to how amazing Wonder Women is as a long running womancommunity – since ultimate year, the gang has effectivelycontrolled to reboot their symbol equally a band, and experimented with more than a fewforms of music that experiencegainedexcellent responses from the public. “Why So Lonely,” with its reggae influence, differs from the standard bright girl organization summer releases; instead, it gives a more laid-back jam that is goingneatly with a slow day in the hot weather. The coastline setup indubitablyis helpingto awaken this temper of the song, with both the day and night timelights suiting the music incredibly well. The individuals as wellcarry out the song with an ease very equivalent to the vibe the music conveys, and the tiara on Yoobin is a fascinating touch styling-wise.

Beast’s “Ribbon” KBS Music Bank, July 8, 2016

Beast has selectedan eventhought for this comeback – the sophisticated, classy tastematches the members’ maturity, and this, in turn, permits the group to execute it exceptionally well in the performances of the song. Whilst the choreography looks a lot more restrained in comparison to their outdated releases, the formations and main pointsreason information technology to if reality exist told be quite intricate, and as a result entertaining to watch. In addition, even supposing the emotional vocals of Hyunseung can be missed in this new 5-membered Beast, “Ribbon” makes smart use of the members’ vocal colours, with Yoseob and Dongwoon being allowed to sing their own praises their skillful falsettos, and Junhyung’s flat-sounding “Tie up a ribbon” being one of the vitalmaximum memorable lines of the song.

Sistar’s “I Like That,” SBS Inkigayo, July 10, 2016

Everything about Sistar’s comeback is so well done this year. Not just is the song addictive and other from what the group has been hanging out for the last two releases, the performances also are incredibly well thought-out – the swishing of the curtains and the detachable skirts are eye-catching, and make allowance Sistar to turna polished sexiness this is alluring to watch. On the topic of styling, the members also glancestunning in the black outfits, and blended with Soyou’s coiffure and the set design, the group seemsundoubtedly royal in this performance.

Seventeen’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness Ice Cream Cake Overwhelm Patbingsu,” KBS Yoo Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook, July 6, 2016

If there is an idol group name along the lines of “best at medleys,” Seventeen would indeed be one of the front runners. After impressing with their girl group medley on Show! Music Core last year, the group continues to drag off a compilation of summer songs in this functionality on Sketchbook. The herbal transitions are one of the specialties of the group, as is their skillto exploit their massive numbers to their advantage, viatwiddling with formations and splitting into groups in acting the choreography. Finally, what is most probablythe most productivea phase of their performances is that the members easily exude playfulness, making their stages entertaining to watch.

Five Ws’ “Ultra Dance Festival,” SBS Inkigayo, July 10, 2016

For enthusiasts of the ones dance collaborations that take place at year-end music festivals, Inkigayo has readya distinctlevel consisting of six girl group members – Seulgi from Red Velvet, Mijoo from Lovelyz, Euijin from Sonamoo, Yooa from Oh My Girl, Eunjin from Dia, and Mina from Twice. The choice of performers is one of the standards of good fortune for this stage – major dancers aside, lots of the members also have that robust and attractivepictureinside of their groups, making them in a position to pulling off this concept. When it got here to the solo stages, they every owned their parts, yet the girls also showed consistency as a team. Now if only Inkigayo had captured the performance with greater camerawork…

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