"Age of Youth" Han Seung-yeon and Ji Il-joo

Han Seung-yeon and Ji Il-joo took a selfie together.

They are starring in the hot jTBC drama "Age of Youth". Han Seung-yeon plays the a phase of an elite from an American college and Ji Il-joo is a horny and sensibleguy who used to beelement of Mensa at one point. They glancesatisfiedat theoutdooryetmuch like any other couple, they have got issues.

Jeong Ye-eun (Han Seung-yeon) talks so much but she is lovable. However, she pretends to be happy, chuffed and all that during front of her boyfriend Ko Doo-yeong (Ji Il-joo) of 2 years. Even though Ye-eun isn't all that proud of him, she cannot stand someonespeaking badly about him.

This is a pragmatic couple and in genuine life, they are close. They proportiona massive number ofexperiences in between the making of the drama and they try exceptionally not easy to appear to bea pleasing couple.

Amongst the five university women in the percentage house, Jeong Ye-eun is the just one amongst a boyfriend. The chemistry between the 2 are upgrading each dayconsistent with sources.

"Age of Youth" is the taleof five university girls in a shared house. It's miles written by ability of Park Yeon-seon and directed by Lee Tae-gon-I. The primary episode may be released this month on the 22nd.