Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual AttackFees jun2yng July 10, 2016 0 Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Assault Charges Police have revealed that Park Yoochun could be acquitted of the 4 sexual assault charges made opposed to him.

On the morning of July 11, the Seoul Gangnam police said, “As it's milestough to end up the use of force, the charges of sexual assault don't appear to be valid. He'll be acquitted.” The investigation on the sexual assault charges will be concluded, and the consequences forwarded to the prosecution through the finish of this week or early next week.

With the case in huge part resolved, police are having a look into whether or no longerone hundred million won (approximately $87,300) used to be given to the primary accuser. Police restored texts exchanged between Park Yoochun and the 1st accuser, and featureshowed several mentions of “100 million won.”

Investigation relating to this substitute of money, alleged blackmail and false accusations by the accusers, prostitution, and  possible solicitation of prostitution by Park Yoochun is still ongoing.

Some reports are stating that police have charged the accusers with blackmail and false accusations, despite the truth that this has yet to be confirmed.

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