Heechul And Jungmo, M&D, Are Able For a Trot Comeback!

Heechul And Jungmo, M&D, Are Able For a Trot Comeback!

MD, the duo shaped bySuper Junior'sHeechulandTRAX'sJungmo, areready for some other comeback!

The duo will liberate their 2d mini-album, 'Goody Bag', on July 12th, along side their logo new tune video for 'Ulsanbawi'. The primary video teaser for their new music video was once released on July 7th, and printed that their new song will practice the trot genre. Take a glance at IT out:

Advertisement'Ulsanbawi' is the call of a noted rock formation with an original shape, which is situated in theSeoraksannational park, inSouth Korea. There might be also a legend about this rock formation, which says that"Ulsanbawiwalked to the north as the representative of the city. UnfortunatelyUlsanbawiarrived too past due and there has beennot more room.Ulsanbawiwas ashamed and slowly trudged back to the south. One night time the rock went to sleep in theSeorakarea.Ulsanbawifelt it became so gorgeous around there that it made up our mindsto stick for good."

According toSM Entertainment, "The name song "울산바위 (Ulsanbawi)" is a traditionaltrotsong and is set a unhappy guy who ignoredthe dangerto inform his love to a girl.".HeechulandJungmoboth participated in the lyrics and composition of the song.

What are your mind onMD's comeback? Do you watched trot suits them well? I in my viewat all timesconcept thatHeechulwould be an incredible trot singer, givenSuper Junior T's 'Rokkugo' andMD's 'Midnight and Dawn', so I amin point of factsatisfied more or less this comeback.

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