2AM Reunites To hang V App Broadcast For 8th Anniversary

2AM Reunites To hang 5 App Broadcast For 8th Anniversaryehk38 July 10, 2016 0 2AM Reunites To Hang V App Broadcast For 8th Anniversary On July 10, all 4 2AM contributors reunited to keep a V App broadcast entitled Homecoming Day in commemoration in their8th anniversary since debut.

When Jeong Jinwoon introduces himself as the maknae, Jo Kwon notes, Our maknae is 26, highlighting just how much time has passed.

The members also get closer one some other and bring loverson best of things on how their person activities were going.

What is it like doing solo activities after being in a four-member team, Lee Changmin asks. Jo Kwon responds, The loneliness and stuff like that hit me all over my downtime especially since I have a load more hoobaes now.

Jeon Jinwoon chimes in, Its gotten even more crowded for me since my solo album includes a band.

Jo Kwon adds, Making a song 2AM songs on trackpresentationsby myself is difficult.

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