Gov't to spice up Propaganda Pronounces Along Border

Gov't to spice up Propaganda Pronounces Along Border

Soldiers behavior a live-fire drill in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province on Wednesday as a phase of a Korea-U.S. joint marine exercise, which kicked off on June 27 for an 18-day run.

Military government will install about a dozen more propaganda sound systems at the edge with North Korea to extenddrive on the regime.

"We're going to double the numbers of loudspeakers in the demilitarized zone based onthe ongoing nuclear and missile threats from North Korea", a central authority source acknowledged Wednesday.

Currently, sound systems are install at 11 places along the frontline and five to 6 loudspeaker cars ply the roads.

The new loudspeakers are so high-powered that their sounds will also be heard obviously more than 10 km away.

The propaganda proclaimsin maximum cases seek to disclose the North Korean regime and extol the achievements of South Korea.

Pyongyang has ago reacted incredibly sensitively to the broadcasts, which it fears undermine Navy morale and foment discontent in the frontline area, which is more bring to an end from out of doorsaffect than portions along the Chinese border.