Home Appliance Makers Pin Hopes on Niche Markets

Home Appliance Makers Pin Hopes on Niche Markets

Home appliance makers are focused on niche markets to boost sales amid the ongoing slump.

A top example is stick vacuum cleaner, that arehelpful for tackling dirt in tight corners yetnow notso much more. The domestic marketplace for the slender products has grown to around 500,000 devices a year.

Samsung rolled out a new product this year called Energy Stick, which will also be recharged wirelessly and is slim adequateto hooverbeneath furniture.

LG introduced a stick vacuum cleaner in Would possiblythat may mop floors as well.

An industry insider acknowledged the markets for stick and robot vacuum cleaners have grown sharply over the past two years to part the point of traditional vacuum cleaners.

Then there are ultra-small washing machines. LG offered a dualwashing machine that pairs a chief front-loader with a mini top-loader, which has turn into a hit.

Sales of Dongbu Daewoo's Mini washing machines surged 30 % in the primary six months of this year in comparison tothe similarduration of 2015. They danglehandiest five T-shirts at a time.

A Dongbu Daewoo staffer said, "We intended to sell the Mini as a secondary washer at home but call for from creating one-person families has ended inunforeseenbuilding up in sales".