Wanna.B’s “Why” is Mediocre, Yet Enjoyable

Wanna.B’s “Why” is Mediocre, Yet Enjoyable

20160709_seoulbeats_wannabWanna.Bs Why is Mediocre, YetRelaxingWritten by capability of Lorenza On July 10, 2016Wanna.Bs newest comeback, Why?, is a a laugh bop for the summer time. Its an attractivesame old pop song; it has a catchy melody and simply danceable beat. They do a excellentactivityhanding over a fun song and its difficult to get the refrain out of your head once youve heard it. Plus, the key hook of synthesized strings uploada captivating layer to the remainder of the song.

The synths help in making the song stand out a bit, but thats about all that separates it from what other womanteams accept put out this year so far. Its an overly nondescript song overall and if any person told me it used to beany other group, I more than likely would have believed them. With summer releases from other girl groups like Sistar and the Wonder Girls, its hard to compete.

The content of the lyrics is what you could expect. The object in theirpreference is a guy who couldnt care less about them. They bemoan his indifference, singing:

But you won’t to finda woman like me

You won’t even glance at them

There’s no girl like me so what’s wrong?

They need him so badly that they are attemptingall of thecommonplacestrategiesof having a guy to note you: dressed intop heels, perfume, and expertly carried out makeup. It turns out that all this doesnt tempt him and he assists in keepinggambling difficult to get. He ignores them, doesnt even recognize them. Throughout the chorus they accuse him of playing hard to get. Perhapsthe explanation hes playing hard to get is because hes now notinterested byladies at all.

070716_seoulbeats_wannab_whyThe video itself has similarities to Mamamoos Um Oh Ah Yeh and Girls Generations Lion Heart. They all middle around having a weigh down on a guy and them seeking to become his attention. In Why?, though, bestone of the crucialindividuals has a crush and anything else of the crowd tries to assist her get his attention with varying degrees of disaster.

The song video opens with Wanna.B putting out at a sleepover, doing what girls do at sleepovers. When theydetermine that theyre going to assist their lovesick member, they locate themselves pretending to be flight attendants. So as to have an excuse to start up contact, one of the opposite girls spills and they have got to assistancethe manblank up. Thosetype of mishaps take placewithin the video; from him passing out from drinking wine (whether or not they drugged him isnt clear), to her appearing CPR in a medical institution room.

In between, theyre dancing in costumes suitable for the settings and posturing for the camera in a vibrantly coloured room. The cultured of the room is terribly reminiscent of a few other MVs like I believe You. The dance itself is maybethe maximum efficienta section of the video. Whilst its not flashy, its complex and makes smart role of the seven members. The music video may neatly besignificantly more fun to observe if the dance cuts were longer. Their use of hand gestures and transitions from one formation to the following makes it fun to watch.

Overall, Wan070716_seoulbeats_wannab_why2na.Bs Why? is mediocre, but enjoyable. It doesnt stick out from the crowd, but it without a doubt isnt bad either. Wanna.B as a collection has the prospectiveto supply music that might bein reality fun and other while keeping up the core catchyness that their other songs contain. Unfortunately, Why? isnt that song and the music video reflects that.