Pledis Entertainment announces blacklist for SEVENTEEN fans

Pledis Entertainment announces blacklist for SEVENTEEN fans

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Maximum idol teamsactually appreciate fanatics who apply them to all in theiroccasions and take pictures of them to post on fansites and blogs. However, cameras arent at all times allowed at broadcasting events, and are even strictly prohibited at some recordings. All overa up to date recording of Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook featuring popular rookie group SEVENTEEN, the crowds were full of adoring fans who attended the displayto turn their fortify for the group. And whilst the proveis understood for now notpermitting fan recordings, many fans were observed in the crowd maintainingmassive cameras.

In fact, the presentations host Yoo Hee Yeol even commented at thequantity of cameras in the crowd, saying, Dang, it appears like a press conference. Wow what are those cannons?oh get out of the way? Oh sorry. After the broadcast, SEVENTEENs workforcewas once reportedly warned by way of the broadcasting station for permitting fans to blatantly forget about the stations requests opposed to the use of cameras.

Since the incident, Pledis Entertainment released an respectablecommentary for fans, which read, Hello here's SEVENTEENs staff. We've gotgainedcautionbecause of the presence of the cameras at fresh Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook filming. From this point on, if we spot somebody filming in a prohibited match (including recordings), you'll exist permanently banned from the fanclub and might not bereadyto wait any official events. We can be able to also take these measures to any one that uploads footage from the recording of sketchbook.

SEVENTEEN currently made a comeback with Very Nice. Take a glance at the track video below:

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