SISTAR tries out self-defense weaponry

SISTAR tries out self-defense weaponry

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPopular woman group SISTAR recently filmed a public provider announcement and review video referring to self-defense weaponry. 

In the video, the ladies tested out quite a fewotherequipment and guns that were designed to lend a hand amongst self-defense, adding pepper spray, whistle devices, and the notorious cat self-defense keychain. After lookingeach and every of the pieces on a watermelon, the SISTAR individuals rated them on a scale of five stars, according to practicality and effectiveness.

Showing off their signature competitive strength, the ladies did numeroussmash on several watermelons with their weapons. Yet in the end, SISTAR chose the taser as their highest-rated weapon, giving it a super five-star rating.

SISTAR lately made a comeback with their new song I truly like That. Take a glance at the track video below:

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