Yet every other cloth wardrobe malfunction by way of AOA has enthusiasts suspicious of stylists

6kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Popular woman group AOA suffered yet every otherdresser malfunction at a contemporary event, with member Jimins get dressed slipping a bit of too low all over the teams dance. 

Following two incidents with crew member Choa, which have beeneitherstuckfor the duration of video broadcasts, this has been the 3rd cataloged wardrobe malfunction for the gang in a quickduration of time. Jimins malfunction, which came aboutthroughout a functionality of the groups song 10 Seconds, which the neighborhoodcarried outalong their identifysongJust rightGood fortunefinal month, Jimins clothe fell a little less than expected, stunning fans.

With such so much ofother wardrobe malfunctions, however, enthusiasts take scrutinized the groups stylists, claiming that they will have to be more careful with the women outfits as to you must definitelysave you any potentially embarrassing eventualities in the future. The incident happens around 3:37 in the fancam below.

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