Watch: Hyoyeon, Hoya, Bora, U-Kwon, And More Get ready For Fight In “Hit the Stage” Teasers

Watch: Hyoyeon, Hoya, Bora, U-Kwon, And More Get ready For Fight In “Hit the Stage” Teasers

Watch: Hyoyeon, Hoya, Bora, U-Kwon, And More Get ready For Fight In Hit the Degree Teaserskminjungee July 8, 2016 0 Watch: Hyoyeon, Hoya, Bora, U-Kwon, And More Practice For Conflict In Hit the Stage Teasers With a bit over two weeks left till its premiere, Mnets Hit the Stage releases its first batch of teasers!

Hit the Stage is a new program where celebrities and pro dancers will sign up for forces to struggleeach and every other in fierce competition. Each team will prepare a functionalityin reaction to the theme, that willtradeeach episode. The groups volition also transfer around every week.

Girls Generations Hyoyeon, SHINees Taemin, INFINITEs Hoya, SISTARs Bora, Block Bs U-Kwon, MONSTA Xs Shownu, TWICEs Momo, and NCT Us Ten have been showed as the 8 celebrities contestants.

In the primary teaser from July 4, participants are told of the displaysstructure individually. Whilst they all express excitement at the opportunity, their temperbrieflyadjustments when they are told they're going to exist ranked.

Most of them, especially the freshmenreminiscent of Ten and Momo, are hesitant when asked how primethey believethey're going to rank, and moderatelyanswer theyd love to be in the pinnacle three. Also they are asked who they think the most productive dancers are. The overall consensus turns out to be Hyoyeon, Taemin, or Hoya.

The teaser ends just as they are about to respond to the closing question: who they trust to be their rival.

The next teaser showcases TWICE, and asks them to rank themselves in other categories such as who has the most aegyo and who can open their mouth the widest. The ultimatequery asks who the most talented dancer is, and displaysa quick clip of Momo lightly demonstrating her skills.

In the most recent teaser, which used to be released on July 7, the participants get started off by capability ofspeaking more or lesswhat collection of people are most likely unaware in theirinterest for dancing, or have never observed this aspect of them. Bora and U-Kwon even say that folksdoubtlessly dont even know that they're dancers.

As clips of them fervently practicing flash by in the background, the contestants explicitself assurance in their expertiseto put first. At the very end, Hoya even says if he doesnt wear a stage that hes chuffed with, he'll retire, indicative of the waydemandingthose dancers are operatingto place on their very very best performances.

Hit the Stage will premiere on Wednesday, July 27, at 11 p.m. KST.

Who will you be rooting for?

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