10 Idols With Authentic  Degree Names And What They Signify

10 Idols With Authentic Degree Names And What They Signify

10 Idols With AuthenticDegree Names And What They Symbolize kminjungee July 8, 2016 0 10 Idols With Exotic Stage Names And What They Signify Many idols this provide dayregularlyadvertisebeneath a other phase name, instead of their genuine names.

Sometimes, its because of having a call thats the similar every bitany individual already running in the entertainment industry, or having a more commonplace name. Other times, its purposely chosen, handmadeas though to create an entire new identity.

This isn't a new phenomenon, as several first generation idols also regularly had unique stage names, akin to H.O.T.s Kangta, or Shinhwas Shin Hye Sung and Jun Jin.

Often times, those stage names also hang special meanings, now and then signifying that persons role or motivations.

Below are 10 idols who are well known for their unique stage names, and how every of them ended up with these names:

1. MAMAMOOs Sun (real name Kim Yong Sun)

Supposedly, her stage name comes from taking the final syllable from her exact name, sun, the use of the literal English that means sun, and converting IT to Solar.

Another explanation is that when youmove up the dimensionsemploying solfège (do, re, mi, etc.), so and ra are next to every other. If you mix these two syllables, you get the Korean pronunciation of Solar.

2. B1A4s Baro (real name Cha Sun Woo)

While there are a couple of theories surround the foundation of his stage name, the maximum important theory turns out to be that it was once given to him by capability of his agencys president, who told him to reside correctly. His stage name is a play on words of this actualword in Korean.

Another, more a laughand no more serious explanation is that he at all timesneeds things done correct now, or baro in Korean.

3. EXOs Suho (real name Kim Joon Myun)

As the leader of the EXO, Suhos stage name rather literally comes from the Korean verb suho, because of thisto be offeringcoverage to like a guardian. It reflects his attitude and sense of obligation he carries as the leader quite well.

4. Red Velvets Joy (real name Park Soo Young)

Joy have become her stage name in order that she would most effectivecome uponcompletely happy things while she is active in the entertainment world. It suits the idol well, who is understood for her bright smile.

5. SHINees Onew (real name Lee Jin Ki)

If you glance up oh neu, the phonetic pronunciation of Onew, in the Korean dictionary, it approach to have a comfortable and mild personality, attitude, etc.

His stage name could also bemeant to exemplify the sleek and gentle tone of his voice.

6. iKONs B.I (real name Kim Han Bin)

As a rapper, a charismatic stage name is a must. His stage name is the abbreviated type of Be I, which turned intoselectedto intendI may beready toturn out to beanything else onewish to be.

IU is precisely what is sounds like; it's milesthe mix of I and You, signifying that you as the target audienceturned into one with her thru music.

8. GOT7s Junior (real name Park Jin Young)

A name he individually likes, Junior was named because hes literally Park Jin Young Jr., since he's under JYP Entertainment.

9. VIXXs N (real name Cha Hak Yeon)

The last syllable of his real name, yeon, is pronounced en in Japanese, which means fate or fate (depending at the kanji used). So, he supposedly determinedin this stage name because he believed it was fate to stand on stage and meet his fans.

10. After Colleges Raina (real name Oh Hye Rin)

Inspired by the Spanish term for queen, or reina, it also supposedly has a hidden meaning of tranquility, even ifthe relationship is unclear.

How many of these did you know? For more, verify your wisdom of idols real names with the feminine k-pop stars quiz, or the male version!

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