Juniel discusses her love for Taeyeon

Juniel discusses her love for Taeyeon

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs some of thebest vocalists and visuals in the K-pop industry, Girls GenerationTaeyeon has won the hearts of enthusiastsin each and everyunmarried place the world. 

In fact, fans are conversant in the fact that one of Taeyeons fans is truly a K-pop idol as well. All overa up to date interview with International BNT, solo singer Juniel discussed her love for Taeyeon, explaining, I never learned when I fell for Taeyeon. It took place very naturally. Theres actuallyno use for explanation, shes just fantastic at singing. I attended a showcase she carried out at when I used to be silent a trainee. All through one of her stages, she sang the song Moonlight. Back then, I presumed she was once really excellent at making a song and have becomekeen on hers when she debuted in Ladies Generation.

Juniel also explained that the sole two other people she follows on social media are Taeyeon and f(x)Krystal, explaining that the 2 were the prettiest celebrities shes ever seen. When asked if shes confessed her love to Taeyeon yet, Juniel spoke back that shes still too shy to method Taeyeon, adding that she still hasnt even told her friend and women Generation member Sunny about her obsession.

Source: Foreign BNT News

Juniel lately made a comeback with her new song Pisces. Take a glance at the song video below:

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