Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 14

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 14

Soo-ho takes his rather alarming reversal of profession fortune in informal stride this episode, being completelymade up our minds to play the role of cheerful boyfriend via all imaginable negative circumstance.Ryu Jun-yeolreally is relativelyjust right in this role. Soo-ho is simultaneously ample of an adult to be the leader of his own company, yet socially immature enough to think tossing the entire lotapart for the sake of love is romantic instead of foolhardy. Soo-ho has at all times been a true person, instead of the cartoon of adult virgins this is more not unusual when they display up on tv at all.

In reaction to this,Hwang Jeong-eumfinally gets some smartsubject matter to paintings with. Bonnie is smitten by bad success and superstition which, for many of the drama's run, has felt utterly grounded in fantasy. Yetwe could bein a position to see that with the entire bad stuff going down to Soo-ho, Bonnie's worries come off as a little bit justified. Alternatively tangential the datingcould have been, Bonnie's movements did ultimatelylead tothe corporate being attacked.

But Bonnie can notin factcommunicate to Soo-ho about any of those fears because he thinks it is overreaction and Bonnie doubts she can convince him otherwise. That is legitimately excellent dramatic tension in an episode that is for the maximumphase very lovable and pleasant. We adoregazing Soo-ho being the insistent power boyfriend whilst the larger realities of the placement creep at the back of uncomfortably. It is abrilliant approximation for how Bonnie feels.

Advertisement In other places the supporting forged struggles. Geon-wook and Seol-hee have turn into confidantes for characters with greaterexplained storylines most commonly because there just isn'tanything else else for them to do anymore. I am still baffled that when minimum exposition, Geon-wook's father just popped up out of nowhere and the heartfelt reunion doneprior to we had any time to react to it. Seol-hee is in an even more awkward position, having come what maycontrolled to lose her 2nd lead prestige to Dal-nim.

Although severely speaking, the most ire has to be reserved for the ridiculous cliffhanger. I havenoticeddashingvehiclespop outof a fewlovely ridiculous puts in Korean dramas, but here'sthe primary fourth dimensionI will recall an twist of fateoccurring in front of a police station of all places. Writing like that does, but unintentionally, sell the speculation that Bonnie is the consistent victim of a merciless mercilesswriterGod who calls for constant supplication lest He makes a decision to ruin her existence amongst some type offantastic disaster.