Wu Yifan (Kris) Unsatisfied As Yet Every other Rumor Spreads Regarding His Family

Wu Yifan (Kris) Unsatisfied As Yet Every other Rumor Spreads Regarding His Family

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWu Yifan remains to be plagued through negativity with the Chinese media creating arecord on his privateexistence once again. This time, the artist expressed his frustration on his SNS. 

The maximumnewest scandal in regards to the former EXO member issues his paternity.

On July 5th, rumors relating to Wu Yifans paternity spread online after a Chinese online portal published a post. In keeping with the post, the artist/actors oldsters divorced all the manner through his formative years and he was once raised by his mother. There has been little dataconcerning his father.

The rumor that has spread is fairly detailed. It finds that his father is a Tsinghua University graduate who is latelyrunning equally the director in one of the most branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. However, the rumor turned intotemporarily quelled as a false rumor when the Chinese Academy of Sciences expose there was no such role (화남소) on their SNS.

Following the rumor spread, Wu Yifan took to his own own SNS to voice out his feelings, writing, No one will have topass that line. I don't have anyworry of what you do to me. Just dont cross the line by way of my family. 

With every otherfilm set to be released soon, Wu Yifan is locating himself in a next negative exposurethis provide day alongside the closing concerning his dating with an alleged ex-girlfriend who posted pictures of the 2 in bed.

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