"Thumping Spike" Song Jae-rim and Hwang Seung-eon, 3 seconds sooner than a kiss

Song Jae-rim and Hwang Seung-eon were spotted 3 seconds clear of a kiss.

Stills of them from the web-drama "Thumping Spike" were released at the 8th.

"Thumping Spike" is a romantic drama about Hwang Jae-woong, the ace of a topcollege boys' volleyball team and Kang Sara who is the coach.

In the stills, Hwang Jae-woong and Kang Sara are about to get intimate. Their lips are just inches faraway fromevery other.

Hwang Jae-woong has one hand around Kang Sara's head and she has her eyes softly closed.

What can bethe outcome of this scene?

"Thumping Spike" used to be released in China and Korea. In China, it is being released in Cinefox, Gom TV, Webhard and cable VOD.