"Master - God of Noodles" Jeong Yoo-mi, does not feel drive from "Descendants of the Sun"

She had no time to breathe. Jeong Yoo-mi went from drama to drama when she starred in "Master - God of Noodles". She used to be exhausted, yetin spite of everything she smiled and stated she were givento satisfya huge number ofgreat people. The reality interviewed her.

Chae Yeo-kyeong from "Master - God of Noodles" is an overly tragic character. She watched her oldsters die a brutal death and turned into raised in an orphanage. She took a stand to the director of the orphanage who attempted to rape her and have become a killer. She aimed to avenge her parents' death but her attempts were in vain as Kim Gil-do (Jo Jae-hyeon) committed suicide. Chae Yeo-kyeong became herself in and paid the related fee for her actions. She lost worthwhilepals along the style and this is a unhappyexistence for her.

"Yeo-kyeong is a painful soul. She watched her fogeys die in front of her and met visitors like herself in the orphanage. It was toughseeking to exist her; more hindrances stood in her way. As time passed, she felt bad for Tae-ha and she grew clear of her friends. Most oftenI will notare living amongst debt so I used to be frustrated with Yeo-kyeong who watched Tae-ha take her load".

"It was pitiful whilst ane was Yeo-kyeong. I believe a drama becomes wealthy when the characters come alive but Yeo-kyeong was put to just right use in opposition to the end. She concentrated on avenging her parents but it wasn't shown how much she felt for them. I also feel it wasn't elaborate sufficient to have Yeo-kyeong hand over herself".

"There's no case where a drama is wrapped up 100% accordingly to the scenario. Once in a whileyou simply maketo seem out for the reactions of the folks and soI'm truly not together with disappointed about it. I do feel that I mustwere more ready though".

"Master - God of Noodles" got here subsequently "Descendants of the Sun". The powerat theforged would have been super equally they had to accomplish in a drama that came after a biggood fortune with a checklist of over 40%. However, Jeong Yoo-mi did not feel that way.

"It was like no personmay justdo this again. I watched "The Descendants of the Sun" too and it was great. I put which means in the 2 dramas being other in genre. "Master - God of Noodles" was also an even drama and it came in first at one point".

Jeong Yoo-mi met sensiblefolks in "Master - God of Noodles". She co-starred with Cheon Jeong-myeong, Lee Sang-yeob, Gong Seung-yeon and more. They evolveda sturdy bond and she sought after to get closer to the body of workers too but the drama ended too soon.

"I think each drama is precious. "Master - God of Noodles" left me people. A drama becomes more memorable with wonderful people. I depended so much on my co-actors".

Jeong Yoo-mi have to be exhausted after the 50 episode "Six Flying Dragons" and "Master - God of Noodles". She is going to have a ruinearlier than she does anything else else.

"I would like toget back with anything easier. I'm a bright person, but I have been in remarkably dark dramas in comparison to my character. I are taking a look to be in a romantic comedy or a sitcom next".