BEAST’s Yoseob Unearths What Unusually Stresses Him Out

BEAST’s Yoseob Unearths What Unusually Stresses Him Out

BEASTs Yoseob Unearths What Unusually Stresses Him Outkminjungee July 7, 2016 0 BEASTs Yoseob Exhibits What Surprisingly Stresses Him Out All through the teams appearance at the July 7 broadcast of SBS PowerFMs 2 OClock Get away Cultwo Show, BEASTs Yoseob talks about what provides him numerouspressure on an afternoon to day basis.

While he sat next to the MCs in beyond guest appearances, this time fellow member Lee Gi Kwang takes that spot instead. In the past, Yoseobs head lengthused to becontinuouslyin comparison tothe ones of the MCs, who are known for their better psyche circumferences.

The MCs ask him if he gets stressed outon account of his small head. Yoseob recognizes it and explains, There arent any hats that have compatibility me. I am getting stressed at times because people dont wish to take photographs with me because of my head being too small.

What do you take into accounts Yoseobs confession?

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