Jang Ki Ha talks about what it’s love to be dating IU

Jang Ki Ha talks about what it’s love to be dating IU

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter All the manner througha contemporary guesting on MBC radio show Good Morning FM with Noh Hong Chul, Jang Ki Ha spoke in short about his courting amongst songstress IU. 

The songwriter guested at thedisplay on June 6th where he was once asked via the host DJ Noh Hong Chul relating to how his relationship became going with IU. In response, Jang Ki Ha says, There are those whoconcern for us, yet we are doing well. 

As the couple is understood to have met on a radio proveahead ofbeginning their relationship, Noh Hong Chul jokes, I am also a DJ, am I going to fulfill my female friend too? What type ofconsumerfits me? 

Jang Ki Ha responds, I also like Noh Hong Chul-hyung (as a fan). I've beenkeen on hyungs for over 10  years. I believe that at any time, an ideallady will appear. The DJ then asks, And for you? to which the songwriter says, Shes already too good for me.

IU and Jang Ki Ha met in 2013 via a radio display that he was hosting, and started a relationship just in a while after. It wasnt till October 2015 that their relationship went public after Dispatch printedfootage of the 2 on dates.

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