Roundtable: The 2016 Mid-year OST Roundup

Roundtable: The 2016 Mid-year OST Roundup

20160707_seoulbeats_chen_dots_ost_kbs_cjRoundtable: The 2016 Mid-year OST RoundupWritten via Seoulbeats On July 7, 2016K-dramas were having a banner year up to now in 2016, notable now notmost effective for the checklisttarget market ratings yet likewise for the upward push of the OSTs. Descendants of the Sun, for example, had nine songs make the pinnacle 10 at the Gaon chart, five of which reached number one.

For this weeks Roundtable, we wish to know: Which OSTs have stuck your ear to date this year? Which dramas had in particular well-crafted soundtracks? Are there any OSTs that you felt didnt get their due?

Qing: I havent gotten circular to looking at any dramas this year, but Descendants of the Sun indubitably bagged with regards toeach coveted OST singer out there. Coupled with the good songs given to them and the dramas explosive popularity, its no marvel that the OST has been making its rounds on radio and on the streets. Of all of the tracks, my favorite is Everytime by Chen and Punch. Chen is also a amateur to OSTs, this being his 2d release, but his unique, soaring voice lends the song a bright, boundless quality. He indeed holds his own a choice of the other veteran singers.

Im satisfiedto peer that more dramas, especially tvN ones, are more and moredrawing near indie or less mainstream singers for their OSTs. I to find the mellowness of indie OSTs more befitting of dramas in an ordinary, day after day setting. One song that comes to brain is Vanilla Acoustics Our Time for Cheese in the Trap. Kim Kyung Hees More Than a Reminiscence for Memory also isas it must be toned-down and melancholy, in step with the solemn tone of the drama.

Gaya: I am yet to observe Signal, but I'm captivated by its country-leaning OST, all guitars and melancholy. LeeSas A Petal is a standout. I locate that I have a tendency to prefer OSTs from presentations in crime-related genres, as the mysterysidehas a tendencyto supply up some more appealing offerings.

Rom coms, on the alternative hand, tend to head for what they are going toimagine sweet, but what I regularlylocate cloying. Thats not to mention one dont like rom com OSTs at all, just that Im much pickier with them.

Sydney: I haven’t observed Signal either, but LeeSa’s “A Petal” certainly has a actuallygreat eerie feel fitting of a crime display audio track. I don’t truly watch crime-related dramas, but I see how their OSTs might bea lot more interesting than the common rom com — especially when many of the OSTs sound like the similar emotional ballad to me.

I think I tend to love more upbeat and obnoxious songs. The user who I’ve been repeatedly replaying this year is Topp Dogg’s “Feel Alive” from Come Back, Mister. The strange, cowboy-ish twang initially and the tacky — almost cringeworthy — nature of the song itself ring a bell in me of the funny moments in the drama (mostly Oh Yeon-seo acting like a guy in a woman’s body) and cracks me up on each occasion I listen the song.

Willis: Cheese In The Trap had an ideal OST. The music usually had this melancholic leaning that played to the complex relationships between the characters. I especially enjoyed the indie ballad Such by Kang Hyun-min featuring Jo Hyun-ah. Such functions emotive vocals from either singers and builds with intensity sooner than IT plays out at the end.

Another OST song that has made my list is Bens Much like A Dream from Another Oh Hae Young. This song is the epitome of OST songs: it has that sweeping chorus, is lyrically applicable to the drama, and is played all the style through the pivotal moments of the show. Bens truthfulmaking a song makes this one a stand out and also increasedthe ones moments from the drama to a bittersweet high.

Vya: Im so blissfulall and sundry has been bringing up tvN dramas, because Ive felt that tvN has been hitting it out of the park with their OSTs recently! Final year the network did to take into accounta goodactivity amongst Ex-Girlfriend Club and Bubblegum among others, and Reply 1988 had a form of songs rank on the music charts. That trend has persevered this year, and prefer Willis my favorites have been from Cheese in the Trap and Another Oh Hae Young.

Cheese in the Trap had some of my most-listened to songs all year, and the OST almost made up for the bad ending. PerhapsI love You by Cosmos Hippie have compatibility the quirky love tale perfectly, and makes me smile each time I hear it. I also found out Love X Stereo thru this soundtrack.

Roy Kims contribution to the Another Oh Hae Youngs OST was once my favourite from that drama. The timing of the songs advent in the drama become critical, just as I used to be having a tougher time connecting to Eric Muns character, Do-kyung. The song, Maybe I elevated the scenes it was in and added intensity to Do-kyungs emotions.

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