Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 1

Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 1

Nearly a year has passed since the primary whispers of new pre-produced KBS2 drama"Uncontrollably Fond"began floating about. WriterLee Kyeong-heewho penned popular dramas such as"Nice Guy", "Will It Snow for Christmas?", and "A Love to Kill" returns for some other16 episode with DirectorPark Hyeon-seokof sageuk sensation "The Princess' Man" and the new "Spy - Drama". It got here in on most sensible of the pack at 12.5%.

The first episode of"Uncontrollably Fond"was superbly shot as is conventional of Director Park, yet tonally ambiguous, which is normal of Creator Lee. Filming started back in November of 2015 and achieved3 months ago in April. Pre-production way the drama cannot beutterly altered to cater to ratings, which is nice.

AdvertisementLeadsKim Woo-binas Shin Joon-yeong andSuzyasNo Eulfit neatly into their roles thus far. Woo-bin has long since mastered the smoldering, anguished look, which is vital in this role. His character, diagnosed with terminal illness, is distressed by way of his forthcoming death and vacillates between arrogance, kindness, confusion, and angsty, long thinking sessions. 'Suzy"s persona is suffering to pay back a enormous loan shark debt and manipulates, cajoles, and does beautiful much the restto procurethe cash to do so and maintain her more youthful brother who we have gotno longer all the same met. As an actress,Suzyhas well-portrayed her character up thus far without her typical awkwardness.

Im Joo-hwanas Choi Ji-tae is presented equally a quietly pining, side-handedly supportive 2nd male lead. Now not much of the naturewas once shown, and the moment onefeminine played byLim Joo-eun(reunited with her"What's Up"co-actorIm Joo-hwan") has not yet appeared. Short introductions of Ji-tae's circle of relatives were made and a longer presentation of Joon-yeong's strained dating alongside his mom filled out the melodrama of"Uncontrollably Fond".

When Joon-yeong andNo Eulmeet again, they faux not to understandevery other, talking in formal language. The episode ends with an instantaneouswar of words that forces their beyond relationship to the surface. From the trailers and press releases we know they were fans who were forced to part. They meet back in the prevailing day and featureto triumph over not simplest the past, but their altered personalities. Reality exist told, I am notslightlycertain what their personalities are in the current because they are all over the place the place. I am more curious to peer howSuzyperforms than I'm in the tale at this point. In comparison tothe superb thing about the drama and the framing of the shots, it turned into lackluster. But it's miles only the first episode. I willgrasp out to see what happens.

So, fatal disease? Check. Loan sharks? Check. Household strain? Check. Looks as ifwe'vethe total thing nosotroswish to embark on aLee Kyeong-heedrama.