Soo-ae, "I gave up on dresses for "Run-off""

"Run-off" is the sequel to "Take-off" which recorded a surprising 8.4 million viewers. "Take-off" used to be approximately ski-jumping and "Run-off" is ready the women's ice-hockey national team.

"Run-off" depicts the touching tale of a women's national team that turned intounexpectedlyshaped for the sake of the Wintry weather Olympics.

The solidcontains Soo-ae and Oh Yeon-seo whilst director Kim Jong-hyeon is in charge.

At the premiere of "Run-off" at the 6th, director Kim said, "I sought after to create the ice hockey with prime quality. I were given what I neededthank you to the not easyoperating cast".

About the grievance that "Run-off" is extremelysimilar to the handball film "Forever the Moment", Kim said, "Besides the truth that it is about feminine athletes, it is atotallyother story. I did not feel any drive about "Take-off"".

The actresses attended the clickingconventiondressed in their hockey uniforms. They claim they did not feel strain from the primarymotion picture and knew it was 'their movie' when they began reading the script.

Soo-ae said, "I've needed to paintings amongst other actresses and we have become a team. We did not care about taking a look pretty".

"In this uniform, we feel commemorated and we feel responsibility. All and sundry did an excellentprocess and it bealternative from the 1st movie".

Oh Dal-soo took on the role of the national team trainer Dae-woong. He said, "I felt relaxed because they treated me well. All people had a troublesome time on the ice rink and I believe the hard work can pay off".

Oh Yeon-seo said, "I play the role of Chae-kyeong who gets removed from the tracks and becomes an ice hockey player overnight. I used to be so worried because I have never skated before. It grew to become out to be more difficult than I expected".

"It was bloodless and tiring. Our exhausted faces are real. We advanced team work while going thru all that".

"I also love the truth that it's a women's movie. It was an honor and I am hoping for more like this in the future".

The movie stars a number of famend actresses. Ha Jae-sook takes on the role of Yeong-ja, a normal housewife who becomes a the severaluser on the ice rink and Kim Seul-gi-I plays Mi-ran, an accountant from the ice hockey federation.

Kim Ye-won-I plays Ga-yeon, a former figure skater and Ji Jin-hee is So-hyeon, a emerging hockey player and the youngest one of the crucial team.

The hard work the cast had to headby way of is unexplainable. They went through 2 hours of prepareeach day and for 6 months they ran and ran and ran again.

They started out with walking in skates and the learning became tougher with shootings and passes. They mastered ways they wanted for the movie and the actresses suffered from sore muscles each day. Ha Jae-sook injured her knee and Kim Ye-won-I even had her shoulder dislocated.

Kim Ye-won-I said, "I did my absolute bestyet ended up in the sanatorium with a bad back and shoulder. I call it 'honor's injury'". Ha Jae-wook said, ""Run-off" was a problem for me. I harm my knee and had surgical procedure done, but I made it".

Ji Jin-hee said, "I worried about tension as we are all girls, but I didn't have to fret about that".

Former and existing national team athletes send their words of support. They are happy that anyone recognizes ice hockey and hope for a countrywide women's team in Korea.