GOT7's 'FLYinCHICAGO' Leaves Enthusiasts With Memories To Closing A Lifetime

GOT7's 'FLYinCHICAGO' Leaves Enthusiasts With Memories To Closing A Lifetime

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Thousands of lovers from around the arena flocked to Chicago to spend the night time alongside JYP Entertainment's across the worldcherished idol group, GOT7.

AdvertisementFilling the Rosemont Theater to capacity, fans got here from a long way and just about be a a section of the group's first U.S. concert tour, "FLY in USA." Produced by way of SubKulture Entertainment, the five city, 7 displayexcursion has met with improbable success, promoting out just abouteach and every show, and Chicago was once one of them.

With thousands of excited fans cheering them on, GOT7 took to the stage, the roar of the crowd deafening. Opening the evening with a high-energy 3-song set that integrated "Put Them Up," "Turn Up the Music" and "Girls Women Girls," GOT7 began the evening off on an implausibleprime and kept the power up during the 2.5 hour performance.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)After a snappyhi and introduction, GOT7 moved at once into a 7-song set that included "Back to Me," "A," "Magnetic," "To Star," "Playground," "Can't" and "I Like You;" all of that have been sung enthusiastically by the over 4,000 fans in attendance. With such a lotpower in the room, it changed intomost unlikelynow not to get stuck up in the excitement, especially as the ganglooked as though it wouldcarry out one fan-favorite after another.

Keeping the calories high, the crew broke into more than a few sub-units, each one of which brought their own authentic feel to the level by highlighting the member's quite so much of talents. The primary of the teams was made from the group's leader and vocalist, JB and Youngjae. The duo carried out a candy ballad entitled, "1:31am," which perfectly showcased either the vocal talents and Youngjae's skill equally a pianist.

Mark and Junior were the following to take the stage, with "Higher." Taking to the stage in bright coloured suits, the 2overjoyed fans with not best their highestaggregate of vocals and rap, yet also their dancing. The tricky footwork and catchy song, mixed with a couple of killer smiles, made their functionality an immediatefavouriteamong the crowd.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Jackson, BamBam and Yugyeom were the ultimate to take the stage with a high-energy performance of "WOLO," which stands for "we only are living once." By far the maximum theatrical of the sub-unit performances, this trio briefly snatched the hearts of the audience. With an effortless reminder to their fans that we only have one lifestyles to live so you could as smartlytake merit of it, this full of life trio had the crowd in a state very close to euphoria.

With rather a lot energy in the room, all of theneighborhood was back in no time, with any other 7-song set that included "Fly," "Home Run," "See the Light," "Just Right," "Rewind," PreventCease It," and "If You Do," and back the theater rang with the voices of thousands of fans as the crowd sang and danced along.

As the evening drew to a close, GOT7 had to take day tripin their operation to thank their fans for the complete love and reinforcethey have gotwon over the years, to which they were met with overwhelming cheers from their fans.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Leaving their IGOT7s with such warm words, the organization disappeared for one ultimategownexchangewhilst the target audience was kept entertained by a uniquechallenge video which challenged random contributors of the audience to accomplishnumerous GOT7 dances. At all times caught by surprise, the audience members selected were fast to take in the subject while the remainder of the crowd cheered them on.

With the finish of the challenge, GOT7 returned, but not in their standard way. As the audience was brought on to sing "Confession Song" to their beloved boys, GOT7 started to slowly walk their way down the aisles of the theater's auditorium. Right away surrounded by their adoring fans, the members of GOT7 slowly wound their way during the crowd, smiling and posing for fast selfies as the song played on. Ultimately the members made their long ago on-stage, giving their stunned and excited fans a possibility to recoverjust a littleprior togetting into their very last set.

Closing out the evening with "Everyday," "Follow Me," "Bounce," "Before the Moon Rises" and a remix of "Fly," GOT7 left their fans on an important emotional high. With touching last words and the promise to move back to Chicago soon, GOT7 soon disappeared into the darkness backstage, leaving their fans with hearts filled with joy and memories that may final a lifetime.

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