Watch: GOT7s Jackson Is Stunned  By capacity of Jooheons Hilarious Imitation Of Him On Weekly Idol

Watch: GOT7s Jackson Is Stunned By capacity of Jooheons Hilarious Imitation Of Him On Weekly Idol

Watch: GOT7’s Jackson Is SurprisedThrough Jooheon’s Hilarious Imitation Of Him On “Weekly Idol”ilmare42 July 6, 2016 0 Watch: GOT7’s Jackson Is Stunned By Jooheon’s Hilarious Imitation Of Him On “Weekly Idol” GOT7 member Jackson is completely floored by the affect that MONSTA X member Jooheon does of him on “Weekly Idol”!

On July 6s episode of “Weekly Idol,” Jackson makes a dramatic front to GOT7’s contemporary hit tune “Fly,” jumping in the air, dancing, throwing down his jacket, doing a flip, and then flinging his hat to the floor. When Heechul jokingly asks if he’s angry with the viewers, Jackson insists he’s just passionate!

After fellow co-hosts GFRIEND’s SinB and TWICE’s Dahyun make their entrances, MONSTA X’s Jooheon prepares to wow all and sundry amongst his own arrival.

He’s asked the workforce to play “Fly” again, and he does his highest Jackson impression as he jumps into the studio, does some exaggerated dancing, and then lies down at thegroundin order that he can flip upwards.

Meanwhile, Jackson watches from in the back of him, staring in confusion.

“Are you doing an impression of me?” asks Jackson when Jooheons done, as the hosts applaud and Heechul supplies him props for even dressed in an outfit very identical to Jacksons standard look. Jooheon helps to keep information technology up by beginning to yell in an accessoryidentical to Jackson’s about how he’s been running on his biceps so much lately, as Hani bends over in laughter.

“Is that the same as my voice?” Jackson asks the others in alarm, and Jooheon shadows him, cracking everybody up again. “Seriously?!” yells Jackson, yet Jooheon just copies him again.

“You’re no longer overdoing it a bit?” asks Jackson, and Jooheon replies, “Overdoing it? It’s precisely the same!” in his “Jackson” voice. Jackson can still slightlyconsider it, and he tries to practise announcing “Hello” in a upper tone of voice.

Watch the hilarious clip below!

What do you bring to mind Jooheons impression of Jackson?

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