MAMAMOO Breaks Even On 2 Billion Won Investment Fee For The Group

MAMAMOO Breaks Even On 2 Billion Won Investment Fee For The Group

Mamamoo Breaks Even On 2 Billion Won Investment Cost For The Group(Photo : RBW Entertainment)The CEO of RBW Entertainment, Mamamoo's agency, these days held an interview discussing the company's trade plan for Mamamoo and the group's profitability.

According to CEO Kim Jinwoo, "We spent a overall of 2 billion won (approximately $1.74 million) making an investment in Mamamoo, and the group has already recouped that investment in barely 1 year and 8 months.

Kim also took cash from other departments and spent it on Mamamoo when their production budget was once too low. However, this becamebestconceivablesince the other departments were doing so smartlythey'dfurtherfinances available.

AdvertisementThe CEO believes that Mamamoo's improbableluck is because ofthe reality that he lets in the participants of the group to pursue their own inventive visions all through album production.

Mamamoo debuted on June 18, 2014, over 2 years ago.

RBW Entertainment has selected a trailother than massivefirms like YG and SM Entertainment, the usage of a design philosophy that emphasizes basics and simplicity, which can have contributed to Mamamoo's out of the ordinary success.

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