Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' The genuine  assassin is revealed

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' The genuine assassin is revealed

On the episode 6 of KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind", Chae Soon-ho (Lee Jae-ryong) used to bepublished to be the crook who extracted and concealed Kang Cheol-min's middle and also killed Sin Dong-jae (Kim Jong-soo).

Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min) found out that Kang Cheol-min's doctorchanged into Soon-ho. And then he went to Soon-ho and asked him directly. Soon-ho did now not say no, yet he just said, "I'm worried that the similar thing maytake place to you. Think what is going tooccur to our studies then?" fending off answering the question.

Seok-joo angrily asked, "Wasn't the point of our study to save more lives?" Soon-ho said, "The marketplace is value2 hundred billion won" and "yes, the stupid cash will make you close up. You canforestalloccupied withthe rest else, adding Kang Cheol-min, Sin Dong-jae, Sim Eunha. Who might be the next?" It was his blood-chilling warning.