“Doctors” Ratings Building up With Exciting Episode

“Doctors” Ratings Building up With Exciting Episode

Doctors Ratings Build up With Exciting Episodekokoberry July 4, 2016 0 Doctors Ratings Raise With Exciting Episode SBSs Monday-Tuesday drama Doctors has surpassed its own ratings records.

On July 5, ratings studiescorporate Nielsen Korea printed that the July four episode of Doctors reached 18.4 percent.

These ratings display a 2.8 %boost from the former episodes ratings. Ratings for the drama have enduredto extend with each episode and prove favorable symptoms of fame and growth.

With such prime ratings, Doctors maintains its first position spot among competing dramas. MBCs Monster recorded 11.1 percent ratings whilst KBS 2TVs GorgeousBraingained 3.5 percent ratings respectively.

TheĀ most recentĀ episode of Doctors featured several exciting scenes involving romance, action, and more. Do you suspect Doctors will surpass 20 percent soon?

Catch up on the maximum recent episode below!

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