Ko Myeong-hwan,

Ko Myeong-hwan, "Starring in the similar drama as my wife Lim Ji-eun"

Ko Myeong-hwan and Lim Ji-eun are starring in the similar drama together.

They are starring in the SBS drama "You Are a Gift". Ko Myeong-hwan is a unmarried owner of a fowlspace next to Lim Ji-eun's restaurant.

The two are married in genuine life. They met in a comedy program 15 years ago and were given married in October of 2014.

Ko Myeong-hwan said, "This drama feels special to me because I am starring in it with my wife. My persona is a natural and blameless one in the drama and he isso muchother than me. So my wife says it isamusing co-starring with somebody who just isn't like me".

"My wife is helping me to hear to my role yet at an analogous time she stimulates me to paintings harder. She's got wit and with just a little of luck our chemistry makes the drama better".