"W" Han Hyo-joo, perfectly lovable

Han Hyo-joo looks as if she got here out of a comedian book.

Han Hyo-joo acts out the nature of Oh Yeon-joo in the hot MBC drama "W" and she gets sucked into the web-toon global of Kang-cheol's (Lee Jong-suk) life.

"W" is a suspense melodrama about a perfectrichguy named Kang-cheol and a practicalphysician named Oh Yeon-joo who crossfrom facet to side between other dimensions.

Oh Yeon-joo gets pulled into the web-toon world and the taleis readyto head on an entire new level.

Still cuts of Oh Yeon-joo were released. The primaryimage is the beginning of web-toon "W". Here is when Oh Yeon-joo's father Oh Seong-moo (Kim Ee-seong) was once getting divorced and wrote "W" which made him the most renowned web-toon artist in Korea.

In every other picture, Oh Yen-joo has arrived in some other Earth after docking with Kang-cheol via "W". She's having a look down from a primeposition amongst her eyes wide open or she is going round the kitchen with a telephone in her hands.

According to the production, Oh Yeon-joo's revel in in the web-toon world is going to be anythingto seemahead to. Han Hyo-joo is enthusiastic about her role and is pulling it off well.