EXO’s “EXOMENTARY Live” Sees Large  Good fortune With Impressive Choice of Content Purchases

EXO’s “EXOMENTARY Live” Sees Large Good fortune With Impressive Choice of Content Purchases

EXOs EXOMENTARY Are living Sees MassiveGood fortune amongst Impressive Collection of Content Purchaseskminjungee July 4, 2016 0 EXOs EXOMENTARY Live Sees Vast Success With Impressive Number Of Content Purchases Global big name EXO achieves any other stellar accomplishment with their contemporary collaboration with Navers V App, EXOMENTARY Live.

According to SM Entertainments statements on July 4, EXOMENTARY Live marked over 1 million in content purchases, which refers to virtual content or services and products that were in particular accessed viacellular internet.

Over the beyond month, since the beginningin their promotions for their 3rdcomplete album EXACT, EXO held livestream broadcasts for their comeback stage, a bowling competition, and 15 other persondeclares with issuesselected by the contributors themselves. All the style throughthose broadcasts, which have been jointly aired via Naver (V App) and Chinese streaming website online YinYueTai, the members were in a position to sing their own praises more intimate facets of themselves as they interacted with the fans.

EXO has been achieving other records throughout this promotional generation equally well, with a couple oftunedisplay wins, topping music charts, and promoting over 660,000 albums. They're going to also be the primary artist to hang six consecutive solo concerts at Seoul Olympic Stadiums Gymnastics Arena, as they these days added an extra concert date on July 22.

Meanwhile, EXO recently ended their music prove promotions for their identify tracks Monster and Fortunate One, and are currently making ready for their 1/3 solo concert, The EXOrDIUM.

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