Lee Min Ho’s Firm To Take Strict Criminal Action Opposed to Malicious Commenters

Lee Min Ho’s Firm To Take Strict Criminal Action Opposed to Malicious Commenters

Lee Min Hos Firm To Take Strict Prison Action Opposed to Malicious Commentersjun2yng July 3, 2016 0 Lee Min Hos Agency To Take Strict Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters Lee Min Ho’s agency, MYM Entertainment, lately announced by way of their professional Facebook that they would be taking legal action against netizens who were spreading false rumors about the actor and posting malicious comments.

The agency mentioned that with the continuation of thoseillegal acts, they could also bein a position tonotomit the issue. “In order to be offeringcoverage to the rights of our artist, we may be able to exist taking critical legal action for defamation and any other instancesof wearthe use of the documents we've gotaccrued as evidence.”

MYM continued, “Taking good thing about freedom of speech and anonymity to harm others thru writing is attack and thought to be a cyber crime. To offer defense to our artists and lend a hand create a healthyweb culture, we'll be taking action without agreement or leniency and do whatever we can to make certain the perpetrators are punished accordingly.”

On July 4, a source from MYM stated to Television Report, pronouncingthey'dwonnumerouspointers and requests for action from fans, and that, after much deliberation, in the endmade up our minds to take legal action.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s movie “Bounty Hunters” has had largeluck in China, grossing nine billion won (approximately $7.8 million) on its first day in theaters.

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