Liu Yifei cheers on Lee Min-ho's

Liu Yifei cheers on Lee Min-ho's "Bounty Hunters"

Lee Min-ho's "Bounty Hunters" which was once released in China on July 1st, is on a roll.

Liu Yifei posted on her SNS, "It's so good. Everybodywill have tomoveand notice the film in the theaters!" Other local stars also posted on their SNS to advertise the movie.

Directed by skill of Sin Tae-ra, "Bounty Hunters" is a 30 billion won global Asian comedy action motion picture about a bounty hunter.

The movie is a collaboration between Korea and China and the verge of collapse has turn into even earlier than the unlock of the movie.

"Bounty Hunters" could also betaking a lookahead to be being released in England, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.