Red Velvet To hang Comeback This Month

Red Velvet To hang Comeback This Month

Red Velvet To carry Comeback This Month(Photo : SM Entertainment) The womanworkforce summer festival is intensifying, with even SM Entertainment community Red Velvet set to return.

According to an insider at SM Entertainment on July 3, Red Velvet is getting ready for a comeback this month.

Many lovers are inquisitive about knowing which of Red Velvet's two signature ideasmight be used-the tough "red" or the cushy and womanly "velvet" concept.

Since the gangmost often alternates concepts each album and Red Velvet's old album was once a "velvet" thought album, it stands to explanation why that the following album will be a more upbeat "red" concept.

AdvertisementBack in May, SM Entertainment had also stated that the organization is getting ready for comeback, so this additional proves that Red Velvet is proceeding according to schedule.

In addition, member Irene's contemporary departure from Song Bank is alsoan indication that she is heading back to the studio to get started out preparing for the album.

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