Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" Jeong Hae-in gets permission and proposes to Nam Gyoo-ri

Jeong Hae-in were given permission to marry Nam Gyoo-ri.

On the 42nd episode of the SBS drama "Yeah, That is How It Is", Yoo Se-joon (Jeong Hae-in) went to Lee Tae-hee's (Im Ye-jin) house. They got disenchantedspeaking about marriage.

On any other day, Se-joon dressed up and went to get permission to marry Na-yeong (Nam Gyoo-ri). In the end, Tae-hee gave the fairway light.

He returned houseto inform his mom Hye-kyeong (Kim Hae-sook) and Sook-jae (Kang Boo-ja), "I got permission! We are getting married!"

Se-joon ran to Na-yeong and said, "It's a miracle! We may bein a position to become married!" Na-yeong used to bestunned at this surprising proposal.