Spoiler "Five Children" Seong Hoon and Sin Hye-seon

Sin Hye-seon made a dramatic decision.

Lee Yeon-tae (Sin Hye-seon) broke up with Kim Sang-min (Seong Hoon).

She puzzled why he did not mention that he was once brothers with Kim Tae-min (An Woo-yeon). Kim Sang-min said, "Because I knew you maybe can exist uncomfortable. Because I knew you would notfind it irresistiblewhen you knew we were brothers".

"I didn't care. It turned intomany years ago whilst youloved my brother. Now you prefer me. So I did not care. I used to bepleased with the naturaltruth that you in actuality liked me now".

However, Lee Yeon-tae said, "You saw how I cried and harmas a result of him. Does he know that I liked him? I never sought afterto inform him that".

"I can not see him anymore. He was one of thesebeneficial friend that I didn't even tell him that I liked him because I was afraid it would ruin out friendship. Let's just wreck up". She gave him back the ring.

Kim Sang-min said, "I can't get a divorce alongside you. I know I did the inaccurate thing and I noticethe complete lot yous said. Please think it over". However, Lee Yeon-tae didn't alternate her mind.